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We need volunteers for every performance and often in between!  Concessions, ticket sales, and fundraising are always needed skills!  We also need volunteers to assist with extended rehearsal meals and at our Theatre One Act competition.

Just let us know what you would lilke to do!

Contact us via email at


Students in the performing arts classes are encouraged to be a part of the arts by volunteering their time to prepare for perfomances.  Have interest?  Club activities are available in all three areas of vocal music, theatre, and dance.

Please contact one of the performing arts teachers:


Our performing arts department teachers come from a varied background of degree level and professional experience. They all work together to insure that BHS maintains its status as one of the BEST performing arts programs in the state!

Laura Lindahl

~ Acting, Stagecraft, Advanced Production

Brian House

~ Intro to Theatre and Advanced Theatre

Carter Still

~ Chorus (website)

Ellen Tshudy

~ Dance


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