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Thank you for being a BHS Performing Arts Booster! Your generous tax deductible contribution will help support the performing arts program at BHS and provide a crucial investment in the dreams, talent, and quality performances for which BHS has become known. Our programs have produced regional, state and national competition winners; with your help, we can keep that tradition going!

Your contribution will help offset theatre, chorus and dance expenses. These expenses include copyright fees, music licensing, guest instructors, sets, props, costumes, competition and transportation fees, rehearsal dinners, theatre perishables (wig caps, make up), guest instructors, truck rental, and more. To better understand some of our expenses, fees to obtain scripts and musical licensing rights for one production could cost as much as $2,000; our theatre offers five-six productions a year.

  • Member Level - $50.00 + helps offset production and operational costs of programming

  • Patron Level - $100.00 + benefits of Member Level + donor name recognition in program and lobby

  • Benefactor Level - $250.00 + benefits of Patron Level + swag bag

  • Director's Circle - $500.00 + benefits of Benefactor level + two tickets to one show for each production of your program

  • Producer's Circle - $1000.00 + benefits of Director's Circle level + two tickets to one show for each performance for chorus, dance, and theatre


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